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Without giving too much away, API has again been contacted about piloting a show. API likes the thought of being on TV but not to be rich or famous (especially me. The thought of being famous does not sit well with me. I enjoy being left alone) but because we hope to bring truth to paranormal TV. I read another group’s blog just last night about how faking evidence only sets the rest of us back and doesn’t get you rich and famous (or on TV). We already knew that the odds of making money off this venture is almost nil because we’ve heard about it repeatedly from various paranormal celebs. As you may recall, this isn’t our first TV request and probably won’t be our last.

At any rate, we were asked for the top 3 places we got the best evidence for filming to raise the odds of us catching anything good again. There are a few problems with that request. First, being the hardcore skeptic that I am I couldn’t come up with 3 places. I can explain away a lot of evidence. Second, even if I thought of a place we would need to be allowed in overnight, potentially 2 nights in a row. Not a lot of people go for that. Third, one of the few places that left me scratching my head is for sale. I have no idea how we could pull that off. A vacant business on a busy intersection trying ot be sold probably doesn’t want a paranormal investigation for a few nights. I’m trying to pull it off anyway.

We did get a call from a fairly popular place that is part of a ghost tour. The girls got excited. I found a book online that said a few spooky things had happened, like items flying across the room. Everyone had their hopes up. Unfortunately the site coordinator was less than helpful, telling us they had two EVPS! Oh and it would cost us a minimum of $500. 2 EVPs are not worth $500.

We talked with the producer and they do NOT have the extra cash to throw at that crap. Fine with us but now we’re back to the original problem – where to film?

Here’s what I want to know- why the fees? Most people are willing to fake evidence to say they are haunted because it tends to draw in customers. Further, most investigations take place during the evening hours- when businesses are CLOSED. So its not like we’re interrupting or costing you money. Do they charge because some people will pay it? It seems like a fair even trade to me- we investigate your place, we both get evidence and you get publicity for your business.

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