I am Foxy Mulder

I want to believe. Being a skeptic can be extremely difficult sometimes. I so desperately want things to be a certain way – a flash of light, a mist, a noise… please oh please be paranormal. Rarely is it so. I was once told that you should never work in a career that you love because life will suck the joy from it. I love LOVE love animals so I couldn’t be a vet because a dying animal would just kill me inside. I’m starting to think the same about the paranormal. I love it so much but all the fraudulent crap I’m stumbling across is making me sick.

Here’s the worst of it: frauds. There was a group of paranormal explorers that I used to look up to. When I needed to believe most, it was on their hook I would hang my hat. It was them that I used as a crutch when I felt all things paranormal were just misunderstandings. It has recently come to my attention that these people are hucksters, charlatans, schemers, and liars. Another pet peeve of mine is fake people so I got the double whammy on this one.

I often tell the other ladies of my group that television tends to ruin people. Allow me to explain. The “good” paranormal community is a small group, relatively speaking. We all mostly know or know of each other. The cream rises to the top and so we are able to say hello to one another, we tend to run in the same circles. We also know people before television gets a hold of them.

When we discuss certain cases or groups we often have to make the distinction if it was pre- or post- television show. We have found some people buy into their own hype. Some get greedy. Some do both of those things and then some. Being that I have never had a television show I cannot say what causes this, I only know that it’s a damn shame when people become selfish and put themselves first before the cause. After all, researching the paranormal was the ground floor of this expedition. It’s why each of us come to path. Somewhere along the way, though, it seems the scale shifts to personal belief in their own greatness and forgetting the goal of research.

I WANT to believe

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