How to be bitter and angry part 1

Some of my followers probably already know I can be a real cynical bitch and a hardcore skeptic. I understand if they considered me an angry person in general (although I don’t believe myself to be so, reading over a few mental belches on here could give that impression). I can be stubborn and hard-headed but only because I stand up whole-heartedly for what I believe in. I have no issue with shouting to the rooftops what I believe to be true and call out loudly to those I believe to be doing wrong. Probably why I am also a lawyer. I digress.

Some of my followers also probably know that I’ve quietly devoted most of my life to ghost hunting and could be considered a professional. I have clients to whom I devote a lot of time, energy, and attention. I expend considerable resources out of my own pocket to do what I do. I do it because I love it. I research land. The team  has researched land, family histories, and cemeteries.

I have caught some evidence that I have thought to be thought-provoking. I’ve heard some interesting EVPs. I have yet to catch the elusive full-bodied apparition on film. No definitive shadows, yet. I have a feeling i will so I haven’t wanted to give up… until today.

A lot of people ask to join in on a ghost hunt. I have no issue with that per se but it can be very complicated. I refuse to take new people or thrill seekers with me to a new place because I don’t know what can happen. I don’t want to put anyone in harm’s way. Boring them to tears is always a distinct possibility. I don’t want to take anyone to a business because for the most part businesses want professionals, not amateurs. I would take them to people’s homes but most people don’t feel like their private residence becoming a public circus for looky-loos.

I have a friend we’ll call Jane. Jane is somewhat desperate to become a ghost hunter. She talks about it incessantly and asks frequently to investigate with my team. I have sent her to other teams and reminded her she does not need me (or anyone else for that matter) to go with her to investigate. Finally, Jane takes my advice and heads out on her first investigation on her own with a friend.

Jane says (Jane’s Addiction anyone?) that she has gone to the same location twice and has caught a Class A EVP and multiple poltergeist activity. I have plenty of reason to doubt Jane. Its her first (and second) time out so she could be mishearing or mis-seeing things. However, she has another witness to the poltergeist activity and 2 witnesses to the EVP. There is no history on the land as far as we know to indicate why this would happen.

Her first time out Jane gets amazing evidence. I’ve been doing this for years and I have okay evidence. Beginner’s luck? Liar? Maybe it’s time for me to hang up my digital voice recorder.

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