Filming at my most haunted

API was asked to  be a part of a documentary about the people who make up the paranormal community. There is a group with a firefighter and a cop, us, a family of psychics with PhD’s, a mom obsessed with catching the ghost of her son, and the like.

We were so excited when we found out we were able to go back to one of my most haunted locations for filming. Unfortunately, nothing happened. No bangs this time. No crashing booming “It must be a car accident” sounds. I barely took any photos and the one where something could MAYBE be on it could also be one of the people who were there. The electricity had been cut off so we couldn’t run our IR cameras. I haven’t gone through all my audio but I’m willing to bet the untold secrets of the other side aren’t on there. 1L said she wasn’t terribly excited – yet- about the filming. I now understand why. Once again I got my hopes up and they were dashed. The sound of silence was deafening.

The next day we all got interviewed individually and it seemed to go well. We will wait to see a finished product sometime in 2015.

Big thanks to Andrew P. Jones!

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