Feminist Soapbox

Soapbox time again.

Recently the Huffington Post published an article all about how women in the box office make for better movies and more money (here’s the link http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/02/bechdel-test-women-in-film_n_5076636.html but don’t worry, I’m going to sum it up if you don’t feel like reading it).

In the article, they reference what’s called the Bechdel Test. The Bechdel test evaluates gender bias in films by whether a movie features two or more women who have a conversation about something other than a man.Sounds easy peasy mac and cheesy and yet most films fail. A VAST majority of films fail. The study also provided that films that pass that the Bechdel test make more money! And for you financial whizzes out there, movies that pass the Bechdel test are also about 35% cheaper to make. For the record, more women than men go to the movies as well. You want proof? Frozen is now the highest grossing animated movie of all time. You want other leading ladies that made a pretty penny? How about Ripley from the Aliens trilogy? The Bride from Kill Bill movies. Princess Leia. Sarah Connor of the Terminator series. Anyone heard of this movie called The Hunger Games and its sequels?

Now, before I go on and on about how Hollywood owes us a living (punk reference), TV Land could use a beat down as well. The top viewed shows according to TV Guide had women in a secondary (albeit commanding) role. NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, Elementary and The Following. In fact, in the top 25 shows listed as the most watched last year, not a single one had a female lead. But that can’t be blamed on television producers; if that’s all we want to watch then it doesn’t matter how many great female shows are out there. The problem of course is that there AREN’T a lot of great female shows out there.

We have “New Girl” which is fine. A quirky teacher and her 3 male roommates with their hilarious hijinks. The Mindy Project is about a female doctor… who just wants to find love, of course.

And we circle around to the dead horse I’ve been beating for years- women are the number one consumer of all things paranormal but there isn’t a single show with a strong female presence. We go to the conventions, we research our hearts out, and we shop til we drop about things we care about. We write books and create endless possibilities and outlets for the paranormal. The only show with an actual female investigator is “Ghost Hunters” and Amy Bruni isn’t there every single show (nor do I blame her with that cute baby at home) and if she is there she certainly isn’t in charge of anything.


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