Dead horse time again, ladies and gents.

I follow a lot of paranormal groups on social media. It’s just good business sense. You make connections, you trade ideas and jokes, you learn new things, places to investigate, etc. Most of them, I am sorry to report, are idiots. They fall for all types of photoshop and stupid stories. They have spelling and grammatical errors. They are generally useless and set the entire paranormal society back. But that’s not why I’m ranting today.

As I’ve mentioned over and over again, women are the #1 consumer of all things paranormal. Women also make up a majority of real-world paranormal groups. And there are a few who set the woman’s movement back about 100 years each time they post.

In the vein of complete disclosure, I am not a big fan of any of the paranormal shows on television currently. I am not a groupie of any of the members of any of the shows. In fact, it’s actually quite hard to make me swoon in general. I understand that some female paranormal investigators have the hots for some of the male television investigators, it’s only natural. However, here is the comment that set me off:

“as long as he keeps dressing like that I don’t care what he does.”

This quote was not verbatim so as not to embarrass the person who said it.

If a man said the equivalent- As long as she keeps dressing like that I don’t care what she does – he would be vilified and rightfully so. Woman should have the same standard. And for that matter, you should care because of your profession. It’s still a fringe career and if someone is screwing it up for the rest of us, be offended! I don’t care how hot someone is, if they fake evidence they should be cast out.

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