Drive Thru Help

API received an interesting call this afternoon.

Let me begin by stating there is not a single professional that allows you to phone in a problem and get a solution.

We got a call from a woman who insisted on remaining anonymous- she didn’t email us, no name on caller ID, wouldn’t give me her name. She tells me she’s had ghosts haunt her pretty much her entire life, she’s a sensitive and there’s a dark figure she’s seen 3 times in the last 3 years. She said that a pilot crashed and died in her cul de sac. She said recently said shadow figure attacked her in what she assumes is a dream. She tried sage, crystals under her pillow, and telling him to leave. She believes him to be menacing. She asks things like, “Am I attracting these things to me? Is it me or the houses or the items that are haunted? How can I get rid of him?”

I had talked to her for like 3 minutes. I can’t possibly diagnose a haunting or possession in over the phone in a short amount of time. I gave her some suggestions, including having us come out to investigate. She declined. I really wish she would have agreed. I hope she doesn’t make things worse.

If you want an answer, be prepared for us to come investigate. A drive thru answer won’t actually do much for you.

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