Dalton, GA

API were special guests on the Haunted Dalton Ghost Tour last night, Sept 6th. We went early because Dalton has a lot of haunted history to offer and they all aren’t on the tour. Buppa and 2L and I met up at Hill’s Used Cars because he had Al Capone’s Packard limo. Unfortunately, the hours are iffy and it was either not open that day or they had just closed. Either way, no limo. They did have an old Chevy delivery truck. So we headed off to our next destination: Tunnel Hill. This weekend they are doing a reenactment of the battle that was held there. We were lucky enough to meet with the head honcho and history guy from Connie Scott-Hall’s book, “Haunted Dalton.” He directed us to the tunnel. The W&A tunnel was a train tunnel used in the “Great Train Escape” of the Civil War. Look it up. It was a delightful walk. The tunnel is actually quite long, and most importantly, seriously cooler than the 100+ degree weather outside. We got chills, cold spots, some orbs. Still enjoyable. We went to the Clisby Austin house and a bit of the battle field. Enjoyable. While I cannot condone trespassing and the tunnel itself is gated off, the battlefield is off of a public road. We saw the spot of Gen Bell’s leg. There are some unmarked graves and a ton of activity. Worth a trip back after dark for sure. We picked up some drinks and then headed to the cemetery where there was rumors of a phantom resembling death- black cloak, glowing red eyes – and death often followed his appearance. As far as I could tell, it was just a sadly neglected old black cemetery, surrounded by houses. We then decided to hit the Dalton Train Depot restaurant and bar. According to the above-referenced book, a waitress had her clothes stolen from the bathroom stall while she was changing, and found them across the bathroom. The bartender often gets tapped on the shoulder when no one is there. We had no experiences, nothing showed up in my pictures. Too loud for EVPs, especially once the live music kicked in. After dinner and dessert (by the way, delicious and inexpensive) it was time to make our appearance at the Tour. There was a huge turnout and fair weather. We didn’t see any paranormal activity, but a lamp did turn on after the tour ended (timer?). There was a rumor that we had been invited to investigate a building by a couple who took the tour, but they were no where to be found at the end of the tour. We went to the bridge, and I did get some weird photos. We were also lucky enough to find a door open and do an EVP session at one of the locations. Nothing terribly exciting on the recorder, but the experience itself was amazing. We are definitely going back to do more investigating.

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