My daughter was watching cartoons, as is normal on a Saturday morning for most children. The story was about cars/trains/transportation and a generic plot of a ghost car in a dark tunnel to scare the smallest car who may have been afraid of the dark. My daughter doesn’t care about plot in this point in her young life, she just likes colors and motion and songs and talking. However, I care but maybe I shouldn’t.

I began to wonder if this where some children’s irrational fears begin. If Sniffy or whomever is afraid of the dark, or ghosts, or heights, why wouldn’t a child internalize their heroes own fears and concerns? But let’s just narrow the field a little and focus on ghosts.

I don’t want my daughter to fear the dark or ghosts, and I would like to think most parents don’t want their child to fear those things, either. I would like to explain ghosts to my daughter logically so she understands they aren’t sheets who swing chains and moan in pain. I want her to understand the paranormal, not fear it.

But I can’t help but wonder, is this where the fear of ghosts begins? Once she’s older should I explain to my daughter that cartoon is full of bunk and why, or just let it go as she understands all cartoons are bunk? Do I single out the ghost cartoons or just lump them all together as fantasy nonsense? After all, I want her to understand the reality of the spirit ream.

Maybe I’ll find the answer but for now, we’ll just stick with song and dance and colors.

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