Career Crisis

I applied to a job I was good at, that I wanted, that I was qualified for. Everyone I told remarked how absolutely PERFECT I would be for the job. I thought the interview went extremely well. So you probably know how this story ends: I didn’t get the job.

Whenever this happens to one of the API gals, we just tell each other that it’s because we were meant for something better, usually referring to our endeavors in the paranormal. We are meant to investigate, to give lectures, write books. We are not meant for our day jobs. Sometimes this helps ease the pain, sometimes – like today- it does not. After all, it is still rejection.

However, if there were ever a time when the API gals could say, we’re not meant for our day jobs, it would be now.

Our more loyal followers may recall when we had Andrew P. Jones on our radio program and helped him plug his movie “The Haunting of Cell block 11.” At the time he was tossing around the idea of doing a documentary on actual paranormal investigators. We had sent him some great story ideas, including the re-opening of Lake Shawnee for the first time in decades, or when we thought we had at least 3 locations we could investigate (as he was originally intimating during our conversation). We never heard anything so we assumed he had moved on or was just being polite about including us in his documentary. After all, he wasn’t the first producer we had talked to or met with, and certainly not the last to disappear on us.

Last week API received an email that he was moving forward with his documentary and could include us but he had to squeeze us in really quickly and soon. He emailed us talent releases as well as location release. We got all our ducks in a row. Of course, there are a few issues lingering in my mind- like, why weren’t we good enough for him to remember off the bat? Who are these other teams? Where are they located? Are they investigating more infamous places? And of course I need to know if any of the other teams are all-female like API.

At any rate, back to my crisis of career.

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