Career Crisis PT 2

About 3 months ago I posted about what I’m supposed to about my job and 3 months later I’m still fighting the signs.

I had an interview at my old office. It was supposedly a shoe-in. I had two friends voting for me in the higher court. I was taking a spot left by a friend, and the interview graduated from the same law school I had attended. Unfortunately they wanted to stay a “boys club” and found BS reasons as to why they couldn’t hire me. I know they’re BS reasons because I had one of my friends in the higher court asked why I didn’t get hired. They basically admitted they wanted a boys club and were concerned that I would jump the line for promotion. God forbid a strong, independent woman take over from pussy boys. If they did their jobs properly they wouldn’t worry. At any rate, I didn’t get the job despite my prayers to God to help my career.

Or perhaps in spite of my prayers to God I didn’t get the job. You see, happening almost simultaneously was an unreal opportunity in the paranormal field. A suicide that occurred back in 2006, with the anniversary only a week away. My friend had sat on this investigation for years and suddenly and randomly decided it was time. Is this the “Golden Parachute?” It THIS why I didn’t get the job.

I tell you what: I will know for sure if I’m still unemployed in the legal field by the time I get to Sloss.

UPDATE: Didn’t make it to Sloss but looks like I’m being pointed in the paranormal direction.

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