Bloggin Bout Bruni

Deadhorse/soap box time once again.

Amy Bruni has left “TAPS” or “Ghost Hunters” to pursue other endeavors with one of her fellow cast-mates. I wish her well. The SyFy channel is looking for her replacement (and potentially a few more as there have been a total of 3 TAPS departures recently). Pilgrim Studios may not have asked my opinion but I’m going to write it here anyway.

First HIRE A FEMALE. It’s bad enough Bruni was the only one out there and now she’s off doing who knows what for some channel yet to be named but to make it an all-boys club… infuriating and disgusting. Better yet, hire more than 1 female.

Second- DONT HIRE A WUSS. Women are not doormats to sit idly by and do whatever we’re told by the men. We do not always go dashing off screaming the minute something happens. You need to hire a woman who will stand up, who will disagree, who will not back down for what she believes in or stands for.

Enough is enough and here is Pilgrims Studio’s chance to change the landscape.

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