Are you allowed to be scared?

There was a paranormal show that shall remain nameless wherein the female lead investigator was constantly scared. She was constantly chided by fans of the show in society for being a frightened little girl trying to lead a serious paranormal investigation. She would jump, scream, and often try to run away from allegedly scary spirits. She would ask questions for the spirits to answer, but when the spirit would answer, she would be terrified. I always believe in not asking questions you don’t want answers to, but if that is your job, maybe it’s time to look for a new occupation? Further, she really put herself in a position that terrified her in order to pacify the viewers of the show. She wasn’t in any real danger, per se, it’s not like she was hanging off a cliff, balancing on a high wire, holding a live wire near water. She simply went into an enclosed space where she felt extremely uncomfortable and scared.

That said, should she have been crucified for her natural reactions to the unknown? Many, I venture almost all, of us have heard or saw something that made us jump. It is a natural reaction to an unknown stimulus. It’s like not blinking when something is coming at your face. You have very little control over it. We’ve all seen some “professional” investigators jump as well. To a certain extent, I have no issue with a knee-jerk reaction to certain stimuli.

The problem with this particular host was that she was constantly discussing how she was always frightened. She was scared of everyone and everything, including the dark. She constantly jumped and screamed, even if it was a falling rock, running water, or a crew member bumping into her. I understand some things paranormal do not translate well over television- bad vibes, strange smells, cold spots, hair raising on end. But as an investigator, you cannot run from everything. Your job is to investigate, which you cannot do while running away from a curiosity. Even when scared your job dictates to go forward and investigate. Maybe you need to take a minute, or wait for another member of your crew, and that is entirely acceptable but you still go forward and investigate. If you do not, you are essentially a television host pointing out things that scare you. No one wants to see that.

Yes, we are allowed to be scared but we are not allowed to forgomonstersinc our investigative jobs in the name of fear.

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