A difference of opinion

I don’t mind a difference of opinion. Really, I don’t. Lesia and I disagree on many things, in part because of our political views, but we’re still great friends and coworkers. We’re even considering going into business together on the legal front. Sometimes, however, a difference of opinion is just annoying. Sometimes it’s worse than that. Like racism, sexism, or any other form of bigoted hate. That’s beyond annoying and into hateful. During a legal case I fully expect a difference of opinion, that’s why there are prosecutors and defendants. On the haunted front there is a certain amount of expectation regarding differences of opinion because people do things differently and even under certain situations normal procedure must be tweaked (like the time I had to leave because the spirits flat out said they didn’t like me. I was quite bored that night). The paranormal community is often at each other’s throats and there seems to be a swelling call for unity. Some think its competition for clients and/or evidence. Some say its competition for TV shows (which is a really bad move because most will tell you there is zero money in that gig). Some think that their way of investigating is the only correct way and are out to prove why they are right and others are wrong.

All this is to say that I had an investigation recently with people who tend to do things differently. That in and of itself is no big deal. The problem was that I felt criticized for wanting to do things my way. That said, I think they felt criticized because they didn’t have answers to all the questions I asked. I wasn’t asking to criticize their investigation I simply wanted answers and explanations to some things that could clearly be non-paranormal. By the time their presentation of evidence was done, I was definitely not convinced of anything and I was unimpressed, although it was not their fault. I’ve learned in this business that the more awesome a case sounds, the less likely anything is to happen so I tend to go in with low expectations and a desire to be impressed. One team member agreed with me, stating she felt it was best to go in with low or no expectations. However, another team member insisted that we not immediately dismiss everything or try to explain it away and let it flow into a paranormal realm if that’s where it goes. Personally, if I can explain something away why would I waste my time pretending it’s paranormal? I’m all for having an open mind but you don’t do it at the length of forsaking logical reasoning.

Interesting, I was told that the team member whose ideology clashed with mine used to be a horrible and even embarrassing investigator because she couldn’t be quiet during investigations. Evidently at one point she was even asked to leave an investigation. Ironically she called me “loud.” I’m not saying I’m not, I’m saying it’s ironic. She seemed quiet on this particular investigation and mostly professional. I will say though it was quite obvious she would not be happy if she wasn’t in charge and to that end, she was in charge and I felt it to be a very disorganized investigation.  There was one person that showed up and we never got her name. We never got to interview the clients ourselves, only 1 person climbed into the attic (me, of course), and our tour was very brisk (mostly because the client was pointing out things she had already said/shown). The worst part, however, was the contamination. Because of the location of the investigation there was frequent, heavy, and loud traffic that was overpowering our EVPs and the headlights caused frequent spotting of lights and movements that may or may not have really been there. Of course, that is out of the hands of everyone but I still would have done things a bit differently.

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