Ghost Tour to Raise Money for FD

A ghost hunt held regularly at the 108 Heritage Site will be using their event on Sept. 9 to raise money for the 108 Mile Volunteer Fire Department (starting at 8 p.m.).

Dave Scott, a paranormal investigator, organizes the monthly Ghost Walks at the 108 Mile House Heritage Site for anyone who is interested in paranormals.

“I think we all, in this community, have a friend or know someone who was helping with the fires … Talking to friends in the fire department, they said they had noticed that during the fires they were lacking a lot of different types of firefighting equipment that they just did not have money for.”

He adds that they want to do a charity ghost hunt for them and that their goal is to raise $1,000 by having at least 50 people come out to the ghost hunt.

There will be tables out for any donations. A firetruck with some of the firefighters will also be there taking donations, he says, adding that 100 percent of the donations will go to the volunteer fire department in the 108.

Scott says this will be the community’s way of saying thank you to them for saving their homes and livelihoods.

“We were looking at ways on how we could give back because I think we were all a little bit shaken from the fires.”

The ghost hunt will be made up of a two to 2.5 hour tour of the museum for paranormal enthusiasts, people who have had an experience with the paranormal world or people who have watched TV shows about the paranormal.

“We want to make sure that the people come on out and they know that the money, the $20 entry fee, is going to a very good cause.”

Scott says that in the three buildings that they use for the tours, he knows of about ten different spirits that haunt the buildings. There are multiple spirits some identified with names, others without, including a cat, a young girl, and an unidentified spirit. He says the spirits are very different in their actions and personalities.

“The 108 Heritage Site, according to a lot of paranormal investigators who have researched across the province, is one of the most haunted locations in British Columbia.”

There will be some professional ghost hunters coming up from the lower mainland to help out with this event and will donate their time, effort and equipment, says Scott

“We’re all indebted to [the firefighters], for what they did, and we want to pay it forward.”

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Haunted Air BnB

According to Reader’s Digest, there are 8 places on Air BnB that you can rent that are also haunted. I can almost guarantee you there are more than 8 but I’m guessing for purposes of this article they just looked at a list of haunted places and cross-referenced it with listings on Air BnB. Here is what the article says, for what it’s worth:

  • The Manor in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Kahn Saloon in Jefferson, Texas (The Houston Chronicle says Jefferson is Texas’s most haunted town. Take that as you will.
  • A room in New Orleans’ Parks-Bowman Mansion
  • “Madness Chamber” in the United Kingdom
  • Talliston estate in the United Kingdom
  • Pet-friendly house in Bisbee, Arizona ” “odd unexplained mischief, nothing at all scary or malevolent.”
  • Farnam Manor in Richfield, Ohio
  • Secret passage home in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hard to rent a room based on some of these titles but I suppose dig hard enough and you can figure it out.

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Poogan’s Porch

Recently, I watched a rerun of a ghost show like Paranormal Witness, when ghosts attack, my haunted house, my ghost story, etc. In this particular episode, some kids go to a pet cemetery and a vicious ghost dog attacks them but leaves no marks or scratches behind. Spo0o0o0o0ky.

Today I open my email and there is a story about ghost dogs. I’ve written about ghost pets before, and my level of near-certainty about their existence so we won’t go down that well-worn trail. I just wanted to share with you the story within the story of Poogan’s Porch.

Poogan was a dog in Charleston, SC who apparently lived (or haunts) 72 Queen Street, building which was a house in 1888 since converted into a restaurant among other things. There are two versions of how Poogan came to be a ghost dog at this place. First version: Poogan’s owners sold the house but left Poogan behind, the new owners kept Poogan. Second version: Poogan was the neighborhood stray who wandered porch to porch, settling at 72 Queen Street because during renovations the crew would feed him. The restaurant named itself after the pup, and Poogan was the official greeter to patrons until his death in 1979.

Now, you can feel Poogan sniffing at your feet or catch a brief glimpse of him out of the corner of your eye.

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Like, Totally Haunted Colleges, right?!

At least according to Refinery29


Kenyon College — Gambier, Ohio

Savannah College Of Art And Design — Savannah, Georgia

Schreiner University — Kerrville, Texas

Ohio University — Athens, Ohio

Washington State University — Pullman, Washington

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Orbs, orbs… not magical spirits


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Ghost moves ladder?

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Black Mist captured in Texas Hotel Video

The Magnolia Hotel is at it again:


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